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Leslie Amon


 Leslie Amon Swim

We have all lived this experience that we can imagine clothing shapes, colours and materials we can never find and choosing your swimsuit is often complicated. So we settle for a little bit and say to ourselves, "If I could, I would do it myself! "But not all of us are creators or designers.

Leslie Amon, like all of us, was looking for the ideal swimwear and couldn't find it, so one day decided to put her creativity at the service of all women looking for the "perfect swimwear"!

Rich in her Swiss and Egyptian origins as well as her passion for travel, Leslie Amon created her brand in June 2017. She draws her inspiration from the colours, lights and contrasts between land and sea.
Swimwear extended to body wear, extended to sportswear and who knows whats next. One thing is sure, Leslie is your worst customer, she test her swim 6 month before each collection to ensure they are absolutely perfect, dry but also wet !

Not all our fabrics are sustainable, however we manufacture our product in Portugal and Italy and all our fabric are custom made by a French company.

We don't print on basic lycra, we knit and weave each pattern for our swim in our very own 4 side stretch jacquard fabric. You won't find any other brand with the same pattern, as they are specially customised for us.

We don't over stock, so once a fabric is finished its gone forever !

Leslie and her team put all their love in the product and the brand. 

This very special season, 2021, we try to give you the best and most fluid shopping experience, while perfecting our fit like never before and offer you separates because all bodies are different and beautiful

Hope you enjoy the ride