Hailing from Switzerland and of Egyptian origin, Leslie Cohen Amon is the designer and founder. Having never seemed to find the perfect suit, Leslie thus decided to create a line which celebrates femininity.

Her dedication to fine craftsmanship led her to France’s finest Haute Couture ateliers and Italian fabrics. From belted tassels to braided straps and of course pompoms, LA Swimwear is perfect for a chic holiday getaway.

Unearthing exotic treasures from the seas of Mykonos and the beaches of Ibiza to the dazzling lights of Paris and Tokyo, Leslie Amon Swim is the semblance between seaside and cityscape. For going out rather than taking off, her suits transport from day to night. Guided by a passion for discovery Leslie Amon Swim is a map to the world through couture swimwear.

A nod to the beautifully diverse who make up Leslie’s world, each bathing suit is named for one of her nearest and dearest. You can find Leslie and said friends on the cliffs of Il Pelicano or lounging poolside at Cala di Volpe.